Do you know what HVAC stands for? Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. That means your HVAC system serves more than just one purpose and should be in good working order in all seasons of the year. You may not need air conditioning running in the cold months, but you’ll want the heating components of the system working properly.

Keep reading for tips on how to care for your HVAC system as you head into the last few months of the year!



Check your system filters and clean or replace them as needed. Check out one of our past blog posts about best air filter practices!


Take the time to clean your air ducts. This will increase the heating system’s efficiency; plus, your allergies will thank you!


Do you know the correct way for attic insulation to be installed? The vapor barrier, or the paper side, of the insulation should face down towards the living spaces of the home. If it is put in incorrectly, with the vapor barrier facing up, moisture will get trapped inside the insulation. If you discover your insulation was installed incorrectly, cut slits in the vapor barrier so moisture can escape. If your insulation is damaged and in bad condition, consider replacing it. You want your home well insulated and warm during the cold months of fall and winter!

Hire a Professional

Even if you’re handy when it comes to home maintenance, it’s wise to hire a professional to thoroughly check your system once or twice a year. The fall season is a perfect time to do so. Your HVAC system has worked hard all spring and summer to cool your home, now, heading into the cooler months, the system will switch to working hard to keep the house warm. A professional can spot minor problems you may have missed and repair them before they can grow into much bigger—and more expensive—problems.


Visit our blog next week as we cover more fall home maintenance ideas!

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