It’s about time. While winter has dragged on for most of the country, spring will soon arrive and with that warmer temperatures as well. As families begin spending more time outdoors doing yard work, grilling, and enjoying family time ­­– insects will reemerge as well. Most homeowners will rely on their local pest control company to protect their home. Others for spraying and treating themselves; however, the products available to you and are not as strong and tend to be less effective.

If you have a good pest control company, they will do more than just spray chemicals—they will do exclusion work. Exclusion work, simply put, is locating exposed entry points on the home and protecting sealing or guarding them. Some examples of exclusion techniques might be protecting your ridge vent along your roof from bats and birds, or the dryer vent from roaches and spiders. In fact, the average home has a cumulative exposure to the outside of about 2 square feet. Imagine a 17”x17” hole in your living room wall!

Modern AC Products’ new device, The Dauber Stopper™, is an exclusion item designed to protect the exposed AC drain lines on the home. These ¾” PVC lines that emerge out of the house, generally along the soffit, are a vulnerable entry point for insects. Of greater danger is mud dauber wasps building their nests inside these lines preventing water from draining through these lines as designed. A blocked emergency drain line will lead to catastrophic water damage to homeowners. To learn more on why every home in America should have The Dauber Stopper™ please visit

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