It turns out that while too much screen time may be harmful for us, screens themselves have huge proven benefits for you and your home.

Of course, I’m speaking of a screen as in a barrier or net. This winter has been pretty mild, and spring is emerging in the south with trees budding out etc. The downside of warmer weather for most of us the return of all those pesky bugs. My family likes to enjoy the backyard in the evenings; however swatting flies, mosquitoes, and wasps can put a damper on the fun to say the least. A few years ago when we were living in another state, we had a home that had a screened-in porch. I do miss that house. We had many good evenings sitting outside. Now most of us get the concept of a screen porch-insects out, air in.

Ironically most people are uninformed of some gaping entry points into their house because they never have to give them a second thought. I’m referring to the emergency drain lines on the home. These lines are designed to carry water outside in the event of an emergency. Your air conditioner, water heater, and upstairs laundry rooms have drain pans that need to be able to drain water in the event of a leak etc. The downside is insects routinely seek out these cool places to nest, and this can lead to clogs. One notorious culprit is the mud dauber, whose hardened nests made of dirt can completely block off a line and lead to severe and costly water damage in your home. Until now there has been no solution or fix for these lines.

Well, in the same way, a screen protects you from insects, a new product on the market called The Dauber Stopper protects your drain lines. The Dauber Stopper is an insect screen made of durable ABS plastic, the same material as Lego toys are made from. It keeps bugs out and allows water to drain out. With The Dauber Stopper installed, you won’t have to worry about these lines. Then you will have more time to sit and enjoy your screened porch. To protect your home visit here.

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