To our realtor friends out there, you spend a lot of time working on trying to help your clients either sell their home or find their dream one. We all know that during the lengthy process ever detail matters and overlooked ones can bring unwanted stress to everyone. Today I want to help you solve one of those in advance.

I want to call your attention to is the long-neglected exposed drain lines on the home. These emergency drain lines exit your home to get water out in an emergency overflow, most commonly from your HVAC unit or water heater. Typically you will find them along the soffit of the structure, or near the ground on the side of the home.

What isn’t widely known is that these drain lines serve as open gateways into the house for spiders, wasps, and other pests. Left unchecked, abandoned wasps nests like those of the dirt dauber can lead to water damage in the home.

Our product, The Dauber Stopper, is a durable insect screen made of ABS plastic with UV protectant. It protects the drain lines and still allows water to flow out as designed. Since you can’t be at your properties 24/7, you can have the peace of mind, that your property is protected

Because our product only takes a few minutes to install and comes with two installation methods, it is a simple DIY project. It also is the perfect item to add during prepping the home for sale, as it can be another feature to reference to prospective buyers.

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