Our team recently had the opportunity to attend the International Builders Show put on by the National Home Builders Association in Las Vegas. The site of the show was The Las Vegas Convention Center, an enormous facility, with upwards of 75,000 people attending from around the world. We had been encouraged by some friends of ours to exhibit there to showcase our new product, The Dauber Stopper. Having attended a few other trade shows over the last year, I can say we saw the most massive crowds at this show and had the opportunity to explain what The Dauber Stopper does with hundreds of people over the three days.

Most of our conversations were with custom home builders and home project specialists. There was widespread agreement that the emergency drain lines on the home have been a neglected eyesore for years. We heard things like, “Great idea, Great Product, We need this,” etc. These building professionals immediately shared how they could incorporate The Dauber Stopper into their business model. What learned is two-fold and I wanted to share it with you.

First, for builders, their interest in The Dauber Stopper was offering it as a standard installed item on their homes. Because of our excellent dealer pricing, they could add something that has huge value to the homeowner for only a few dollars. In other words, adding our product didn’t greatly add cost to the project, but was something they could explain to the homeowner as a standard part of their companies attention to detail.

Next, in terms of the home project crews and handymen, they saw this as a great item they could offer homeowners while on other projects as an upsell item. Again, with our dealer pricing, they have room to mark it up and make a considerable profit for installing it.

So if your business is interested in increasing value to your clients by incorporating The Dauber Stopper, please contact us to learn more. As always, please feel free to share your thoughts.

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