If you spend any time inspecting the outside of your home, you may or may not have noticed small PVC pipes jutting out of your home around the perimeter of your home. Typically, they are under a roof eave or along the foundation in inconspicuous areas. Upon seeing them, you may have wondered what they do and why they are there.

To remove the mystery, these are the ends of emergency drain lines designed to send water OUT of your home in the event of an overflow or leak. Per International residential code, water heaters and air conditioning units that are above the ground floor are required to sit in a drain pan. This also goes for washing machines where the laundry room is on the second floor of the home—they too sit in a pan. Each drain pan is required to have a pipe leading outside the house to drain away any water. This ensures any water doesn’t overflow into your sheetrock and insulation.

Most people think of the condenser unit, (the portion outside with the fan,) as their air conditioner. In reality, that’s less than half of it–the rest is in your attic. In the summer months, your AC is working overtime to cool your house, and it produces much condensation in your attic that collects in the drain pan. The average home can produce as much as 20 gallons of water a day in condensation with the hot moist air in the attic coming in contact with the cold coils that do the cooling.

The danger in the exposed emergency drain lines is they are entry points for wasps, spiders and other pests to nest inside where you can’t see them. Particularly the dirt dauber wasp whose nests can lurk in those lines are create a cork-like effect in your lines. In this scenario, the water has no place to drain an ends up overflowing into your home.

The good news is we at Modern AC Products have the solution, The Dauber Stopper™, an emergency drain line guard that protects these open gateways and prevents water damage to your home. The Dauber Stopper™ will not only improve the look on your home, more importantly, it will ensure you won’t suffer water damage from a clogged emergency drain line.

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